Trading Gold Nuggets For Chocolate

Rethinking Dreams of Wealth
Etienne Guittard traveled to the United States during the California gold rush of the 1800’s to seek his fortune in gold. He brought French chocolate to trade for mining supplies, but after three years of searching the foothills, Guittard had nothing to show for his labor.

Ironically, Guittard had unwittingly engaged in market research during his barter deals for mining equipment, and that strategy would eventually provide inspiration for his business empire.

American shopkeepers who had traded for his chocolates previously encouraged him to produce his artisan confections commercially. And he eventually listened, focusing his business as a wholesale supplier for many companies like Vermont Country Store and

Today, 145 years later, the company is still based in San Francisco.

Lesson: When a dreams does not appear to be working out as planned, re-examine and be prepared to change the plan of action in order to achieve the original end goal and an.

Vermont Country Store


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