Using History to Inspire Unique Musical Niches

Positive Blues & Classic Hits Remix
How  Phillip Steir and Kenny Wayne Sheppard, two creative artists with diverse musical interests use historical inspiration to create unique industry niches. Steir began remixing hit songs from earlier eras and found a market for his work in film and advertising. And Sheppard found acclaim by bringing innovation to the traditional melody of the blues.

Original 60s hit versu  Steir remix


Official  Remix Video
Philip Steir: Steppenwolf | Magic Carpet Ride (Steir’s Mix) (Official…312
Note: Based on Youtube views, the jet themed video is far more popular than the official video, which starts with humor but drifts into a collage of fast-paced shots, presumably from the movie Go.

Seals & Croft 70s hit
Summer Breeze…3:25 

Steir remix
Summer Breeze    4..31
Tavis Smiley Interviews
Kenny Wayne Shepard…15 Minutes

Kenny Wayne Shepherd –
“Born With A Broken Heart”
Live ’96…4:19

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band –
“Blue On Black” Official Music Video   5:42

Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride  6.31 [Original hit]

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