Music Biz Lessond From Alicia Keys

 Using Values To Evaluate Business Advice

Starting out, Alicia Keys wanted to be a member of a group, and she disagreed at first with the advice to go solo. But when producers wanted her to focus on the pop market, she fought for an R & B niche and succeeded massively.

2  questions come to mind after hearing Keys’ account of her journey in the music business:

Why did she heed the early suggestion to go solo, which she did not want to do, yet resist so vigorously the decision to be produced as a pop music star?

A good argument can be made that it was easier to evaluate
and heed the early advice while changing her musical genre was connected to her values with with she was clear and resolute. Keys aligned with industry professionals who shared her vision. And the then aspiring singer’s musical direction was in harmony with the marketplace.

Note that there are other cases in which talented artists hang on to their principles, i.e., genre, despite changing consumer tastes… and listeners dwindle. And other musicians are sometimes so far ahead of the tastes of consumer listeners that there is no market for their brand of composition.

Dee Adams is the editor of MusicBiz Notes: A Guide for Beginners…


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