Wanona Satcher: Entrepreneurship and Social Justice Causes

Atlanta, Georgia, entrepreneur Wanona Satcher, founder and CEO of Makers Studio offers insights about combining one’s talent with a social justice cause in a September 2020 Inc. magazine article.

Satcher develops affordable housing using modular shipping container manufacturing and her words might well have been a speech to high school or college students about how best to pursue their interest in entrepreneurship and social justice causes.

Figuring out what your best at and then applying your skill set and talent to the cause of civil rights and social justice is Satcher’s message. And she includes details on her favorite book about entrepreneurship, civil rights, and social justice.

“Each person needs to understand their own role in making change.” — Wanona Satcher

Five rows of yellow shipping containers

This Atlanta Entrepreneur Found a Brilliant Way to Make Cities More Inclusive. Inc, September 2020, Kimberly Weisul. https://www.inc.com/kimberly-weisul/wanona-satcher-makhers-shipping-containers-affordable-housing.html

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