West African Dance: Diversity and Collaboration

Backshot of man in black pants, black sneakers, white jacket and cap dancing in the center of the street next to two yellow parallel lineslines

Taken at face value, the YouTube video below is about enjaillement and determination. Enjaillement is a West African word meaning, in part, hanging out and having a good time,  according to the Urban Dictionary.

Now, I am not pointing fingers but someone in the video is bound and determined to master West African dance from the group of talented African dancers.

While the mystery dancer may likely have professional dance skills, it’s not in West Africa dance, not at first, based on what appears on the viewing screen.  What is clear is that Enjaillement rules, and once the mystery dancer masters the steps, he is happy.

The relationship between the dancers is not completely clear. A dance staged for tourists or exactly as presented?

Either way, the presentation is high on the cool scale.

Video one below starts with mastery around counter 3:00.


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