When Employees Choose The Freelance Path

Independence Road: Is Freelancing Feasible?


Writer Preeti Gill surveyed independent prospect researchers around the world for the association periodical, APRA Connections.
And several themes emerged in her article, Independence Road… such as unexpected job loss, and how some employees handle transition to entrepreneurship.

But for some readers, “What exactly is a prospect researcher?” will be a nagging question.

Major takeaways include the importance of studying one’s field of interest as an Intrapreneur,  the term coined for one who tests their skills and ideas while still employed…And note the ethical practice followed by Gill of not using employer resources to explore freelance opportunities. Whether intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship, public and private employees should be aware of conflict of interest rules and avoid any violation.

The trick will be to plan a proper test to identify existing and emerging problems.
And spot unmet needs created by those issues and match skill set etc., to demand.

Dee Adams is the author of
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Independence Road: Is Freelancing Feasible?

APRA Connections

Don’t Be Alarmed, I’m A Prospect Researcher


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