When On-The-Job Injury Disrupts Your Life

Avoiding Common Financial Pitfalls


What would you do if you were a health care
professional and discovered that trusted
medical professionals had
committed malpractice and harmed
your close family member?

Debra Muth, WHNP, ND, BSN, MSNH, BAAHP details
her family’s lengthy legal and medical ordeal in her new book
titled The Dark Side of Injury: Navigating
Worker’s Compensation,Health Insurance
And the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industry:
Tools for Protecting You and Your Family.

“Do No Harm” at the heart of the Hippocratic Oath. Powerful
cultural traditions. Sacred words that assumes trust and protection. .

Problem is the Oath is a Romanized concept… less than 80 percent
of medical schools administer that ethical and moral code.

Firsthand experience and government statistics reveal medical errors
are common, and in too many cases, cover ups are part of a code of silence.
Factor in a lawsuit and the chances are excellent that the injured party
with a righteous claim will not receive fair compensation…
Much less win his or her case.

The best defense and protection is education
Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2013 report more than 3 million cases
of injuries and illness on the job occurred.

The Dark Side of Injury is an inside look at how to  avoid
common pitfalls, which many patient-consumers experience
in different degrees.


The Dark Side of Injury:
Navigating Worker’s Compensation, Health Insurance,
And the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industry:
Tools for Protecting You and Your Family

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Changing Your Work.or Career…


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