Why A Talented Student Fled Robitics Class


Pure misery. Onyii Brown’s reaction years
ago after confronting the reality of her
choice: robotic engineering.
Tasked with the frustration of
figuring out how to get the robot to move,
a seemingly
endless repetitive activity.

Brown switched her degree objective.

Although possessing
the IQ for the field,
Brown’s high-level imagination
and independent nature was not
a good fit for a structured and regimented field.

Last month, PBS aired a season five episode
of  Start Up.
Houston mom, Onyii Brown,
was featured in one of the segments.
Brown had started a successful design
enterprise for less than $200.
And in a field, she had always wanted to enter.

The Start Up segment underscores
the struggle many confront when social, cultural,
and economic norms clash with creative talent.

Many creative people minimize the value of their artistic talent
and ignore their dreams to follow a conventional path
because everybody knows you cant make a living dabbling in arts…

Those who succeed understand that key business
and marketing principles have to be part of the plan.

http://start up-usa.com/

Check out Brown’s inspirational blog video…

Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation

Did You Know
Some aspiring fashion designers despite passion to enter the field learn they do not have the ability or aptitude for pattern making to construct clothing. So some enter the little-known field within the industry: Textile design. There are only a few hundred designers in textile or fabric design.
Source: PBS/Articulate

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