Firefighter’s Unique Business Niche

Jason Ramos

What kind of business might a firefighter start
if he (or she)  specialized in

putting out forest fires by jumping out of planes with
heavy equipment, parachuting to the edge of the blaze and extinguishing?


Jason Ramos is literally a unique firefighter. Check out his exciting
C-Span book presentation, link below. Ramos combines a passion for technology,
gadgets, and a job description that has inspired a Hollywood movie…
and a cold call from a major publisher wanting Ramos to write
a book for them. No doubt that revelation
left many veterans authors shaking their heads in amazement.

Dee Adams is the author of
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Smokejumper: A Memoir by One of America’s
Most Select Airborne Firefighters

Product Research Gear

United States Forest Service Smokejumpers

Smokejumpers  Association

Entrepreneurship and Disability Guide Lands on Amazon’s Top 100 Kindle List

Changing Your Work or Career Stats /9/28/2015

JKBook Image

Changing Your Work or Career_ How to Explore Self-Employment Options After Injury or Illness, Dee Adams – Amazon
Note: A PDF version is available with charts and worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers The PDF version differs in content from the Kindle counterpart.

Dee Adams is the author of
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Teachers Pay

Why New York Police Officer Samuel Battle Didn’t Publish his Memoir

Lessons from One Righteous Man…Video


One Righteous Man: Samuel Battle
and the Shattering of the Color Line in New York,
by Arthur Browne is the story of the life of the first
African-American police officer.

Journalist Arthur Browne recently appeared
on C-Span to discuss the life of the policeman who
had a challenging and historic career.

After retirement, Mr. Battle hired the famous poet
Langston Hughes, received a foreword from his friend,
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and made several attempts
to interest publishers in his memoir.

No interest.

After hearing the amazing story of Samuel Battle, one wonders
why then was self-publishing not explored? There’s no evidence to
suggest that the strategy was considered, according to Arthur Browne.

In the 1950s, Battle in Harlem was the title of the manuscript
completed. One suspects that the earlier work, based on that title,
and given the cultural climate would not have appealed to mainstream
publishers for a number of reasons.

Repeated rejections from publishers have led many to take matters into
their own hands and produce their own work.

Entrepreneurial Takeaways

Self-publishing isn’t for everyone, but many iconic figures turned
to self-publishing. W.E. B. Du Bois is one example notes book
marketing expert John Kremer.

As a retired police lieutenant, Samuel Battle had many elements of
the skills necessary to market his work entrepreneurially.
But he likely did not have the aptitude of a marketer.
An effective law enforcement professionals may not have
the creative skills of a marketing expert, according to
aptitude researchers.

Marketing is not just selling but knowing how to produce
the right product, in this case, a book with the right content
and finding the right people to help sell the concept.

Compare the title of the 1950’s manuscript with that of
the present day biography One Righteous Man….
Which title do you think, based solely on the names
would have a broader appeal? Why?

Regardless of how renowned the reputation, hiring a poet, novelist,
playwright to write a memoir was not the best way to complete
Samuel Battle’s project. There are several instances where
famous authors attempt to write outside their favored genre
with less than stellar results.(Example:
Shields, To Kill A Mockingbird, recounts the difficulty
faced by novelistHarper Lee author in completing a nonfiction project.)

Langston Hughes was not only the wrong person for the project,
but a market savvy person would likely have avoided using the poet
because his political views might have caused traditional publishers
to decline the book proposal.

Back then, depending on the book’s editorial focus,
publications such as T
he Negro Travelers’ Green Book
and Ebony magazine might have been a means
of marketing the memoir independently

Dee Adams is the author of
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Book Excerpt

To Kill A Mockingbird

Self-publishing hall of fame

The Green Book
University Digital Library

Lessons From An Inventive Architect

The Creative Genius of Bjarke Ingels


Spatial aptitudes in action!

At times managing his creations is like playing
Twister with a 1300-foot highrise.
An innovator in his profession, Bjarke Ingels talks about
how he incorporates trends and community needs into
his ideas to create problem-solving solutions. Work based on
“Information-driven design,” says Ingels.

Dee Adams is the author of
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Charlie Rose PBS About 15 Min.

6 Gems from Bjarke Ingel’s interview

How A Test Prep Educator Got Free Publicity For His Company

education-548105_640 (1)

 Season 14 of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
aired this week and contestant Chris Cho’s
appearance was a masterpiece of creative marketing.

You see Cho owns  Cho Educators, an SAT and ACT test
prep company in New Jersey. And Cho was introduced
as having aced the tests five times!

When the host asked how he achieved such a feat, Cho explained
that he takes the tests to ensure that he stays current with testing

Cho’s intro and brief explanation showcased his stellar skills and
company around the country, free of charge.

Cho’s run ended after one appearance, when a tricky pop culture
question about late night TV talk show hosts stumped him,
but not before he ‘had won a five-figure sum. The host
announced that Chow was leaving with winnings of $50,000.

Don’t believe that for a moment Not when you factor in what
it would have cost to pay for that kind of publicity.

Dee Adams is the author of
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How Much Does a Tv commercial cost?

How Much Does a TV Commercial Cost?

Fits small
TV Advertising Guide: How to get started today

Who Watches These Things Cary O’ Dell
Pop Matters an examination of Daytime TV’s New Era

International Business Times
How much does it cost to place
a 30-second ad in prime time?

Food for Thought: Nutrition for Aspring Entrepreneurs

Warren Brown


CakeLove founder Warren Brown appeared on the
Today show this morning and he demonstrated his high-level
creativity. Check out his ingredients spin on a Bacon and
Eggs Breakfast Lasagna.

One takeaway from the show is that planning
ahead for good mealtime nutrition is not only a timesaver but likely
cuts down on a habit that many potential entrepreneurs engage in…
skipping meals and substituting cups of coffee, munching candy bars,
and downing multivitamins. A habit that hinders peak performance.

Candie Anderson

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Niche eBook

Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurship, and Employment Paths

Nightly Business News Roundup


Creative thinking and  entrepreneurship, alternative employment
and a career change was a theme featured in September 7 edition
of Nightly Business News

The airing included teen fashion entrepreneur Isabella Rose Taylor.
Taylor found her niche after attending a sewing camp several years ago.
But check out her site and it is obvious that no sewing camp endowed her with the Renaissance-like talent evident in her artwork…and name.

Takeaway: Enrolling in a specialized class helped her identify how she
wanted to apply her innate ability.

Dee Adams is the author of
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Niche eBook


Nightly Business Report


Isabella Rose

Lessons From Corporate Crime Cases

Professor Rena Steinzor

The professor’s book and C-Span presentation
Why Not Jail? underscores a number of sobering issues that
may well inspire some aspiring entrepreneurs..

Since many business ideas are sparked by problems in the
marketplace, Why Not Jail?
is a useful overview of an array of industries.
Appalling circumstances rooted in historical economic
philosophy that workers are commodities to be worked
into the ground, sometimes literally.

No UndeCover Boss TV here.

One story that should give every would-be entrepreneur (and consumer)
pause is the accelerated brake controversy recounted several minutes into
the professor’s C-Span presentation: a car owner spent two years in prison
for reportedly causing a motor vehicle accident with fatalities. Then the car
company admitted that a faulty brake mechanism had actually been the
cause of the accident…

In this particular case, the car owner had ineffective counsel: would
a lawyer with the right skills and critical thinking ability have
overlooked glaring key issues that convicted the client in the first place?

But I digress…

Point being, when injury, liability, or fatality may be a factor in consumer
goods purchased, in-depth h research  into the product under
consideration and the company’s practices could be considered wise proactive
protection against too many instances of mistakes covered up.

Dee Adams is the author of
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Niche eBook


Why Not Jail?

Man Freed after fatal… Crash

Finding Inspiration In Historical Newspapers

Labnol’s Guide to Old Newspaper  Articles Online


Newspaper archives are a great resource for uncovering
little-known or long-forgotten stories offers a handy time-saving resource list.

But be aware that the trick is to structure
work style with the activity.
For example, sitting at home on the computer
versus spending time onsite at a specialized library.
Using keywords versus searching freestyle.

Dee Adams is the author of
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Using C-Span As A Research Tool

Book TV


Book TV is a great resource tool on a diverse array
of subjects. For example, bedbugs, history, war,
weather, politics.
Note: You will find a list of 20 topics covered

popular culture, education and numerous industries.
Q and A, panel discussions often reveal additional
interesting backstories.

Two recent C-Span broadcasts illustrate how ideas
are uncovered and sometimes pursued and not all
information can be found just by googling it.

The Three-year Swim Club:
The Untold Story of the Maui Sugar
Ditch Kids and Their Quest for Olympic Glory
About 19 minutes

Our Man in Charleston: Brittan’s Secret Agent
in the Civil War
About 54 minutes

Dee Adams is the author of
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