Corporate Crime Cases: Takeaways

Professor Rena Steinzor

The professor’s book and C-Span presentation
Why Not Jail? underscores a number of sobering issues that
may well inspire some aspiring entrepreneurs.

Since many business ideas are sparked by problems in the
marketplace, Why Not Jail?
is a useful overview of an array of industries.
Appalling circumstances rooted in historical economic
philosophy that workers are commodities to be worked
into the ground, sometimes literally.

No UndeCover Boss TV here.

One story that should give every would-be entrepreneur (and consumer)
pause is the accelerated brake controversy recounted several minutes into
the professor’s C-Span presentation: a car owner spent two years in prison
for reportedly causing a motor vehicle accident with fatalities. Then the car
company admitted that a faulty brake mechanism had actually been the
cause of the accident…

In this particular case, the car owner had ineffective counsel: would
a lawyer with the right skills and critical thinking ability have
overlooked glaring key issues that convicted the client in the first place?

But I digress…

Point being, when injury, liability, or fatality may be a factor in consumer goods purchased, in-depth h research into the product under
consideration and the company’s practices could be considered wise proactive
protection against too many instances of mistakes covered up.


Why Not Jail?

Man Freed after fatal… Crash


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