5 Favorite Internet Finds December 2018

*Between the Lines with Barry Kilbrick will replay on January 6, 2019 an appearance with TV and magazine writer Nell Scovell. From the Simpson’s to Murphy Brown, Newhart, Sabrina the Teenage Witch Scovell’s industry experience is insightful, at times funny, and eye-opening as one of few women writers in the TV industry.

*Atlantic article. titled The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans, noted on business librarian Roger Green’s blog .Ramblin’ with Roger. The piece is a useful resource for another reason:   The article written by a successful writer reveals how mistakes made in money matters caused long-term financial chaos for his family. It’s an inside glimpse of potential pitfalls.

*StrengthsFinder tool developed by Gallup is second reference found on Ramblin’ with Roger. There’s a link for 34 profiles for students

StrengthsFinder: What’s right with someone

*Entrepreneurship in different European countries may take different paths such as using entrepreneurial skills within a company as opposed to operating a startup.

*The amazing profile below underscores the importance of checking stories for original autorship. There are different versions of the story below on the web, but relevant and intresting background details are not noted in abridged versions of the article.




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