A Civil Action: Not A Typical Hollywood Film

A Civil Action is based on a true story and bestselling book. John Travolta stars in the 1998 film playing attorney Jan Schlichtman. Although the film is about the environmental poisoning of a small town’s water supply, the film is considered by many in the legal profession to be a realistic look at the economics or business side of operating a law firm. Race, class, and gender in relation to the money value of a client are expressed early in the movie as Schlichtman narrates reality:

“A dead woman less than a dead man. Single adult less than one who’s married. Black less than white. Poor less than rich. The perfect victim is a white male professional, 40 years old, at the height of his earning power, struck down in his prime.” — John Travolta as Jan Schlictman, Esq.

Picture of John Travolta

I like that the poster graphic reads justice has its price. Because in my experience, it’s so true.


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Click to access 2-YurackoAvraham.pdf

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