Balloon Marketing Stunt Gone Wild

Flying Lawn Chair & Aviation Regulation


Michael Strahan’s recent comment on Live with Kelly and Michael
should give some aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs with hot schemes reason to rethink their ideas using Murphy’s Law risk assessment checklist, and possibly consulting a stupidity app
for potential ranking.

Strahan noted, after learning about an entrepreneur
who devised a stunt to promote his all-natural cleaning
products company by jumping from a balloon hoisted lawn
chair over Canadian skies, and then parachuting to semi-safety…

I would not want this guy anywhere near the cleaning
products in my house.


So in addition to facing criminal charges, jeopardizing
his life and possibly that of innocent parties, hit by a flying
abandoned lawn chair, the entrepreneur’s business competence
is called into question

All in all, probably not the reaction the
fledgling entrepreneur hoped for.

That the stunt had no relation in any way to cleaning
or cleaning another major point overlooked
in the planning stage.

This stunt is not new…it’s been tried before
for thrill-seeking purposes.

 FAA and other authorities were not amused in either case.

Takeaway: will the entrepreneur sell enough cleaning
products to justify the money spent on the PR stunt
and the legal fines?Will this stunt help position his company
as a go-to resource for cleaning products?

Balloon Man describes soaring
Note: Not sure he helped his case with some
of the additional details supplied.

Man arrested after
flying lawn chair over Canad

Mark Chair pilot


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