Finding Your Niche 2017 Now Available

Finding Your Niche: Discover 2017

The 2017 edition of Finding Your Niche: Discover…
is officially available on Feb. 4. p.m.PST
for bookstore distribution in paperback.
While the new EPUB edition
may be ordered February 24.

An excerpt from the introduction of Finding Your Niche
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Book Update: Finding Your Niche 2017


Revised Finding Your Niche Book

Finding Your Niche 2017

New book brochure
available for download

This updated edition contains
more than fifty revisions.
New links for educational content are
sprinkled throughout chapters. You’ll find
an article reprint on work-life balance and time
management issues. And fifteen book titles
have been added with an asterisk to the
bibliography.  A children’s book,
entrepreneurship in African American
communities during the turn of the
twentieth century, public speaking,
skill set evaluation, and tips and
strategies for finding information are included.

Distribution date for revised edition in
print and ebook format within the week.

Tech Update Completed!

Tech issues with four laptop upgrades from
OS Windows XP since March
have been resolved as of today.
September will be spent
catching up on book revisions for
Finding Your Niche…

Meanwhile, starting next week, links to popular archive posts will appear.

Book Revision Update 2016 for Finding Your Niche

Finding Your Niche:Discover...

New content will include…

  1. Nifty work-life balance tips article
    reprinted from the San Francisco Chronicle
  2. Top 10 web articles and go-to resources
  3. Popular posts from the Niche Creativity blog via links.

And with the arrival of new software last week, revisions
on existing content will be completed
within two weeks.

Books and Blog Updates 2016

Archive and Revisions

Selected links on earlier posts are gradually being revised.
The book page for Changing Your Work… has been revised.

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Finding Your Niche: Discover…
is still being revised and the new edition
will be available spring 2016.  More details
at a later date.

Meanwhile, the current edition is available on Amazon,
Ingrams, and from this site via PayPalthis.

Finding Your Niche Book Cover

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

Movie Subplots… New Pdf Excerpt

The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio is based on the true remarkable true story of an amazing mother, Evelyn Ryan.
Backstory details are included in the new pdf

Sample Question
What do you think some of the heroine’s primary skills and talents were?

References…2.5 Minutes
The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio
Summary: Brief movie excerpt of shopping spree prize
The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio:
How My Mother Raised 10 Kids on 25 Words or Less by Terry Ryan

More about Movie Subplots…

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…

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Disability Infographic

The Hidden Facts of Disability You Should Know

Attorney Nancy L. Cavey offers an educational and sobering overview of disability issues in an infographic format.

Small wonder that self-employment is a goal for a segment of the population when disability becomes a challenge..

Note:A 120-page version of Changing Your Work or Career… will be available by the end of next week.

Changing Your Work or Career...After Injury or Illness

Changing Your Work or Career…After Injury or Illness

Changing Your Work Or Career After Injury or Illness

Quick Quiz Excerpt
What famous iconic painter had a physical disability?
Who is considered the Martin Luther King of the disability rights movement?


  • In The Pencil Professor Henry Petroski, discusses Leonardo Da Vinci’s physical disability in the form of his injured left hand. Information that gives one pause when you reflect on his accomplishments despite the injury.
  • Ed Roberts was the first student with severe physical disabilities to attend U.C. Berkeley. He went on to become an activist and government appointee, which proved highly ironical, according to Karen G. Stone in Awaking to Disability.


Book Excerpt
from Changing Your Work or Career…
No More Job Interviews! Self-Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities 
by Alice Weiss Doyel

Editor’s Note: The author dismantles myths with research data about business start-up by people with disabilities. For example,  tables and charts illustrate an array of enterprises started under the U. S. Department of Labor initiative at the University of Montana. And related economic census data from the  Small-Business Development Center in Ann Arbor Michigan is also included.

“There is the notion that people with disabilities can handle only simple home-based businesses comparable to low-level jobs in conventional employment. Or people with disabilities can only handle one-or two-person businesses.

In addition., [there’s a common misperception] it’s more costly for a person with a disability to start a business than to be trained to enter or reenter the workforce through conventional employment. [In reality].. Some entrepreneurs with disabilities own larger businesses, employing a substantial number of workers. ranging from one to 50 employees,” according to the Small-Business Development Center in Ann Arbor Michigan.”


Download Free Sample quiz
and table of contents

Full book on TPT site

Q & A Changing Your Work or Career Book Limits Topics

Q: Why does your book focus primarily on physical injury when there are so many forms of disability, such as learning disability or mental health issues?

A: Two years ago, I was the fortunate recipient of the Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship.
I later learned the award had stringent rules established by the benefactor’s will:
only students with physical disabilities or vision impairment
could receive assistance.

When I started editing Changing Your Work or Career: Howto Explore Self-Employment Options After Injury or Illness I recalled the Schoettler award guidelines and decided to use similar rules to narrow the scope of the material I would include in the book.
I limited the topics to those I had firsthand or related insider information about

Health Issues, Self-employment, & Miseducation

Health Issues, Self-employment, & Miseducation
This season’s Great Food Truck Race started with eight contestants. Two of them were on the show because of injury or illness. One an electrician until a major auto accident and injuries meant he had to find a new way to support himself. And recovery from a brain tumor inspired the other contestant to pursue her dream after the major illness disrupted her plans.

In 2011, Restaurant Impossible featured Off Street Cafe, a highly profitable business venture for the operators before things gradually fell apart. Listen to the interview and you learn that a major element in the downfall was that one partner injured her foot in a boating accident, and for six months could not work. And the business started to slide.

These reality food shows are useful business ed tools, but lousy vehicles for
people vying to compete on them as a new means of support, given the tiny number of available slots.

The public has a distorted stereotypical notion of what disability involves. And only when personally confronted by a crisis does the economic reality of the situation become clear.
Unlessit’s a documentary or telethon, here’s what viewers typically see on popular media:
▪ A person with a disability, at the scene of a murder is later tracked by the killer, who is unaware the witness can’t provide an ID. Or

▪ The person with the disability is the killer. Or

▪ The star in a crime drama experiences a major disability but is healed by the end of the program. Or

▪ The star in a crime drama accidentally injures and disables a seemingly innocent bystander…who was not standing by but playing lookout for criminals.

And in notable instances, dramatic TV has portrayed investigators who become disabled because of a criminal act, and continue in their field.

Given the large numbers of people who are temporarily or permanently disabled, each year through accident,  injury or illness and the economic issues they confront, program content on an educational level is zero and could easily be described as ludicrous.

Adapted from Changing Your Work or Career:
How to Explore Self-Employment Options After Injury or Illness.

Food Truck Race

Restaurant Impossible