Niche Creativity: Books and Blog Update

Racial Profiling & Social Justice in the Marketplace has been approved and is now active to buy from your favorite independent bookseller, Kobe, or Ingram in ePub or print. And so are the three titles below.

Selected links are below.

Racial Profiling Book on Kobo:

Racial Profiling Book on Barnes & Noble:

Racial Profiling Book on Overdrive:


Finding Your Niche: Discover A Profitable Idea for A Business at Home -Or Elsewhere.

Book bonus titled How to avoid mistakes when searching for a niche. This 39-page collection of popular articles from this blog and the Medium platform with lessons.
For details: 

Real-World Articles for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  Multicultural group at restaurant table

Restaurant Reviewing: How to Understand and Write about Awful Food Service in a
Multi-cultural society.

Inspector Squirrel's Medical Notebook

Inspector Squirrel’s Multicultural Medical Notebook
EPUB format 

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