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Class Notes

Biz Quiz

1. True or false?
The Wright brothers tried to start an African-American newspaper but couldn’t make any money in the competitive field, so they turned to aviation.

2. Which of these occupations have to be concerned about repetitive stress syndrome?
A. Football Player
B. Masseuse
C. Symphony violinist*

3.  What circumstance inspired Jeff Bezos to start Amazon?
A. Consumers wanted to pay less for books, Bozos believed the Internet, and e-commerce would allow him to meet the needs of the public.

B.  Bozos had a passion for books and he believed that selling them out of his garage would be a low-cost way to start-up a business.

C.  The publishing industry had a bad distribution system.

4.  After leaving office Eliot Ness of The Untouchables fame began
A. Writing detective stories under a pen name.
B. Started his own security and bodyguard company.
C. Sold shoes.


1. True

2.  All of them
*Source: KQED Northern California This Week

3.  C

4.  According to journalist and author Jonathan Eig, the answer is C.


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