Finding Your Niche eBook

Versus Other Entrepreneurial Books
Finding Your Niche is designed solely to help
you uncover the right venture. Small business books and classes are geared to help you start-up an enterprise when you already have an idea in mind.

If you are considering self-employment, but don’t know what business to start, then this eBook will help you target the correct path and avoid costly mistakes.

And when you buy a print or eBook directly from Niche, you’ll also get via email a simple lesson plan, with a collection of downloadable Adobe Acrobat worksheets and checklists, with tips to help you clarify and simply the information discussed in the book.
Note: Please allow 24 hours for receipt of link for bonus materials.
For a print copy of the book, send a request using the contact form.
The cost is $9.95 plus shipping/handling $4.00. Payment will be invoiced via Paypal.

Download eBook
from this site via Payloadz/Paypal
eBook, 216 MB, Adobe Acrobat, hyperlinks,
print and bookmarking functions, $7.95

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