Famous Black Inventors: How Many Do You Know?

“Every February, they trot out the story of George Washington Carver and his peanut discovery. And all the many, many, many things he discovered about the peanut. The problem is there is an untold number of other Black inventors who are never spoken about. By focusing on George Washington Carver solely, it gives the false impression there were few other Black inventors.”  — a Black professor

Many peanuts scattered on the ground with an empty basket nearby

The quote above was uttered many years ago (I think on CSPAN). Recently, I came across a blog post titled ten Black Inventors You Should Know. And while I recognized Dr. Charles Drew on the list and was glad to know the story of why he had died after an auto accident in the South was untrue,  I remembered the words the unknown professor uttered long ago and realized I knew maybe three names from the list of ten inventors.

Check out the list on Triviagenius. How many names do you know?


Triviagenius.com History: 10 Black Inventors, You Should Know, 02/09/2021 – https://www.triviagenius.com/black-inventors-you-should-know/YBM74bkpEQAGVFaW


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