Food Industry Gossip: American Government Bans Canadian Bacon

Bacon lovers who favor the Peameal brand were hit last March with a distressing new policy from the USDA, which issued FSIS Directive 95008.8, which states that consumers interested in personal consumption of any “meat, poultry, shell eggs, or egg products can no longer import those items into the USA by Postal Service or courier.” The directive applies to European meat products as well as Canadian products.

However, travelers can carry the banned items into the country if they are in their possession. This distinction is causing industry insiders to wonder what the difference is between ordering a two-pound bacon roast for shipment versus carrying it on one’s person when entering the country.

Lesson: Government regulations of businesses and industries are subject to change without warning, and may not necessarily make sense. Changes can sometimes put small companies out of commission, or force them to change their business and marketing plans.

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