How Food And Entrepreneurship Saved A Life

Steve Martorano

A life of crime was where he was headed until he
discovered he could cook and sell his food,
Steve Martorano admits.

This 7-minute late night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
highlights the chef’s new cookbook titled
It Ain’t Sauce It’s Gravy. Martorano’s humor,
original style, and values are underscored with his closing words.
More details on Martorano’s struggles in business
were discussed on a recent airing of The View (May 27).

Note: DL means a word which was censored.
(Btw…There seems to be a unsettling omission in the
YouTube segment: Kimmel, who cooks for his family
and friends in his spare time, is seen dipping  and munching
on bread and cheese… right after he’d handled raw meat

Presumably there was a thorough hand washing with hot water
and soap off air, which might be why Kimmel and Martorano are
seen merely wiping hands on a towel.)

Dee Adams is the author of
Finding Your Niche: Discover…


Steve Martorano/The View

It Ain’t Sauce, It’s Gravy


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