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Two previous posts refer to the bestselling author’s work The Harlem Hellfighters, but Max Brooks recent 15-minute segment on Tavis Smiley is worth noting for several reasons:

1. Fascinating glimpse of how Brooks’ personality dictates his approach to his craft.

2. The account of the World I heroes and Brooks’ attempts to market his script, including why the graphic novel versus standard prose was chosen to feature The Harlem Hellfighters.

3. And snippet of father, Mel Brooks,’ two-part appearance on Tavis Smiley earlier this year could be described ss the most politically incorrect and hilarious conversation I can ever remember viewing on PBS. Mel Brooks, an absolute comedic genius, spoke about almost every sensitive topic in arguably inappropriate ways. And no doubt left many viewers with sides aching from laughter. If I were going to write comedy, I would have to study the films of Mel Brooks…thoroughly… for inspiration.

An outrageous comedic master who has apparently passed his gift along to the youngest member of his family.

Max Brooks Smiley

Mel Brooks/Part I Smiley


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