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Why Some U.S. Moms Choose to Leave traditional 9-5 Jobs
Much has been written for decades about support and family friendly policies in the U.S. or lack thereof. And lists featuring family support systems in European and Scandinavian countries often leave the U.S in the dust by comparison.

Now in Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink, author Katrina Alcorn offers an insider look at what can happen when human beings…[serfs]… are hammered day in and day out for the purpose of building up the [King’s] coffers,… bottom line.

Unless, one is fortunate to work for a company whose CEO appears on Undercover Boss spouting a humane workplace philosophy, medical research will continue to show how a counterproductive workplace structure erodes personal life creating health issues of all kinds with negative fallout for society as a whole.

In the 21st century, technology has accelerated the pace. And Acorn outlines the consequences vividly using her personal experiences as a mother with a good corporate job, but who had to leave the workplace and seek an alternative.

Alcorn is now happily self-employed.
For some would-be entrepreneurs choosing self-employment is a matter of life and health

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