Mystery Art Object & Unique Publishing Niche

From the soon to be published,  Bridles: Native American, Cowboy and Mexican
Courtesy Hawk Hill Press. com

What is the object above?
Would you know the answer…
without checking?

Answer follows

It’s an American Indian horse bridle and decorative horse gear was a traditional custom…Information I knew nothing about previously.

You see, back in 2009, I enrolled in a class
in Native American History taught by an anthropology professor.

Several things quickly became apparent.

1. It was impossible to learn everything about the array of indigenous cultures in one semester or even a year.

2. I was relieved the class was not an accelerated summer course.
Assignments included a 10-page paper; we covered the U.S and two other countries at a fast-paced clip. And with so much material to study, I felt a lot of information would remain uncovered.

That impression was confirmed with the discovery of the work of Hawk Hill Press.

I had learned about the artistic customs of numerous Native American cultures across the U.S, but the coffee table literature produced by Hawk Hill Press was new information.

Publishers Jody and Ned  Martin learned first-hand about the history of the artistic elements of Indian and cowboy gear while riding horses in different parts of the world.
And they began to research and document private and public collections.

Several volumes have been produced on the subject. And Hawk Hill Press is an excellent example of how an activity, avocation or leisure pursuit and observation may spark inspiration.



 Bits and Spurs, Motifs, Techniques and Modern Makers

Hawk Hill


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