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Choosing the Right Name 

Creating a winning name

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Apart from my own searches for a great title or name,
back in 2004, I once earned a two-hundred-dollar consulting fee
by correctly figuring out which business stock would improve
over the coming months. I did so twice and by evaluating the strength of the names I sifted through…

What choosing the wrong name may mean
Worst name ever for a product!”
Activity: Orange super hero
Using your aptitudes
Takeaway lessons from Hollywood
Questions to Answer: 19 + examples
Answer key
Resource list

Goal: Gain understanding of common pitfalls that occur when naming
a business product or service and how to avoid problems.

Selecting the right name for a new product or service is one of the most important tasks a potential entrepreneur may undertake.

But sometimes it’s not that easy a task.
The activity requires time, thought and strategy, but many beginners…
even veteran entrepreneurs with advanced business degrees
are often stumped and create names that are less than spectacular.

Notable examples might include recent news story about the Florida Orange Growers Association and their million-dollar collaboration with Marvel Comics. The plan is to create a superhero, which in theory, will boost consumer awareness of the traditional breakfast drink and thereby increase sales.

The superhero’s name…Captain Citrus.

And before the sticky substance was Super glue it was marketed under the catchy titles Eastman #910 and Locktite Quickset 404
The importance of choosing the right name or title may well be illustrated by The Squash Book, which sold only 1500 copies until renamed the Zucchini Cookbook and sales shot up to 300,ooo, according to Marilyn Ross and Sue Collier in The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing.

Orange Superhero
What name might you coin?
And what strategy would you use to identify a great one?


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