Next Food Network TV Star

The Best Niche Always Wins
As has been the case each year, talent is only a small part of the competition.
The winner must not only present a fresh niche that will attract the right viewers in sufficient numbers to make it profitable for the network.

If a contestant has a persona and point of view similar to an  established network star, unless the hopeful’s  goal is publicity, a win is not possible.

Six weeks ago, I would have said the South didn’t stand a chance but with all the drama lately, it seems there is a spot now open…

Update: Three finalists have now submitted videos and viewers will vote for their favorite. Having viewers vote in the new star is a shrewd move.

If the South wins, then the overall resentment level for Paula Dean’s replacement would be minimal. Although the South is not, in terms of cooking authority and experience, the strongest member of the trio, the contestant with the bubbly personality and talent represents a point of view in the marketplace, which currently is not filled on the Food Network.

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