Overlooked Lessons about Aptitude From A Downed Plane

When Skill Set and Thinking Ability Don’t Match Work Tasks

Scan the countless stories about the recent plane crash in
Taiwan and pilot error is given as the cause.

But nowhere do accounts place the root cause in the headline
Gross management ineptitude.

The pilot, according to reports
accidentally shut off the sole working engine stalling
the plane and crashing.

In this particular case, this was no accident but evitable.
The pilot demonstrated an inability to make quick decisions in
hi stress situations early on during his training.

In addition, there were other clear warnings
that he was not suited for a job he apparently wanted to pursue.

Some people are wired to function in situations where
quick thinking and problem-solving skills are necessary.
While others cannot function effectively in high stress situations.
Needing time to ponder and mull things over before reaching a decision.

Aptitudes, training,
, and experience in action.
Check out paragraph two of the Miracle on the Hudson back in 2009.

Wonder what would have happened if Captain Sullenberger
had taken the time to figure things out?

Unfortunately, in the case of the Taiwan
crash, lack of aptitudes and lousy training
made for tragic unnecessary circumstances…for clearly that pilot
should never have been permitted entry into the occupation.

Some people believe that motivation and interest and hard work
will overcome lack of aptitude in specific areas.

Depends. If an honest mistake occurs…whose life will it affect?


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