Personality Traits of Mini Aretha Franklin

Johanna Colon
Youtube has removed the official video since it went viral…
But it can be seen on ABC News. The link has been added to this list.


Granted this video is off the charts in the adorable factor…
6-year old Johanna Colon is a delightful diva talent…
but watch her performance closely and you see something
more in her body language…a leader and one who repeatedly
displayed care and concern for her…umm… entourage.

Wanting to know more about the little dancer
I went in search of an article and confirmed my impressions,
but I also learned that
Johanna has the ability to
read people well.

So I wonder if studying the videos of other children at recitals
might reveal clues about personality traits and aptitudes?

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Little Girl Dances Aretha Franklin’s Respect


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