Q and A: Why 3-D Artist Charles Fazzino is So Successful

Q; Why was Charles Fazzino able to find
his niche but not his siblings?
In a recent PBS interview, Charles Fazzino said
his brother and sister chose not to become starving
artists and had instead chosen nursing and the
tech field but both were unhappy.

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A. Several databases and the Internet revealed many
details about Fazzino, but scant information about his siblings.
In fact, the Tavis Smiley interview provided the most specifics
on the topic. Fazzino was a child prodigy given the opportunity
to observe, participate, and learn about selling artwork to the public
when he accompanied his mother to art showsFazzino’s mother,
an established artist,

Fazzino’s mother, an established artist, began making and
selling crafts using the scraps from her husband’s work.
The senior Fazzino-designed high-end adornments for
expensive footwear.

Fazzino takes a renaissance–like approach to the time-consuming
details involved in his work. It’s an approach that many others don’t
have the patience or motivation to pursue. The artists’ success took
off after he began incorporating 3-D into his work but that only
partially explains his success. Check out the way he markets
his services. His genius is not only in his artistic ability.

One explanation for the different paths of the Fazzino siblings may
be that the parents and teachers provided a rich source of inspiration
for the child with artistic talent and an avid interest in art while
the other siblings lacked the skill set, motivation,
and passion for an artistic occupation. Neither highly artistic
parent may have been able to offer advice or encouragement about
succeeding in the world of nursing or computers.

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