Q&A: Health Care Business Research

Q&A: I am interested in starting some kind of business in the healthcare industry.
How do I go about finding good leads?

A. Narrow your search eventually to a particular field within the profession
to review current information in trade journals.
Meanwhile, review the library reference by Gale Emerging Industries for an overview and leads on associations that may attract your interest.

And look at two recent videos from C-Span for starters:

1. Dr. Jeffrey Brenner spoke at the National Governor’s Association recently
and outlined several problems with segments of the U.S. health care model, including a shifting of jobs, economic and marketplace realities and competition.

Dr. Brenner uses the example of Blockbuster video to make his point and reveals stunning information about who sets certain fees and how they are controlled.
Q&A included.

Understanding problems within the industry and how innovative ideas are being used
as a solution for reform is information that you need to know.
Note: Dr, Brenner’s segment starts about 30 minutes after the opening speaker, and is about 50 minutes.

2. During C-SPAN’s three-hour In-depth session with, the former head of pediatrics at John Hopkins University, Dr. Benjamin Carson, primarily during the final 45 minutes, discusses medical industry problems from a different point of view.

Good luck!


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