Q&A: New Way to Market Cranberries?


 Q&ANew Ways to Market Cranberries

Q: After viewing the program about
 cranberry growers, I wonder, is there a new way
to market cranberries?

A: An answer might be to create an original
product or figure out new ways to package and distribute
the existing product.
Inspiration might come from interviews
with members of the food or farming industry.
Another way might involve
heading into a kitchen or lab to
create a recipe or formula.

The berry was introduced in the 1800s,
notes the Cape Cod Association.
For starters, I would explore
newspaper and magazine archives for
historical ads and articles
to answer a number of
questions. For example…
What are the nutritional elements?
Could the product be transferred to another
industry where it would solve a problem?

Did Native American use them and in what ways?
How is the cranberry sed in other parts of the world historically?



Cranberry Growers Video/PBS

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