Q&A What Constitutes a Young Succesful Entrepeneur?

A. The definition of young depends on the point of view of the person or institution using the phrase. For instance, Inc. magazine’s list of  top young entrepreneurs is described as those under age 30.  However, demographers may be referring to someone born in the 1970s, 1980s, or  later.  

There are many elements of success, but in general, financial achievement in the business world is the primary characteristic that the media uses to crown someone as successful.

Without doing any in-depth research, at first glance, Columbus, Ohio appears to have strong business and political leadership with common sense strategies in place.  Whether or not  one can grow a business entirely by using local resources would depend on the industry entered and the marketplace.  

There seems to be a wide range of resources in Columbus in which entrepreneurs can avail themselves. And rather than being known for a single industry, the area has a diversified economic base, so the financial downturn did not negatively impact the area as other parts of the country slid into a recession. 








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