Native American Cartoonist Ricardo Cate’

Artist and humorist Ricardo Cate’ grew up on a reservation
in New Mexico. Today he uses his talent and subtle biting
wit to offer a cartoon series titled Without Reservations.
Cate’s work reflects political and cultural insights
using his heritage as a point of view.

The artist recounts what inspired his style as a cartoonist.
Learn how he refused to take no for an answer
and got his cartons into his local newspaper,
and learn about the response from a major syndicate.

Colored pencils arranged as a star



C-SpanVideo for Cate’ – Approx. 13 + min.

Ricardo Caté Offers Political Cartoons Without Reservations At The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.
Lois Alter Mark, April 18, 2018, Forbes, Cate’

Indian Country Today Media

Without Reservations at



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