Starting A Bed & Breakfast Inn

Niche Within A Niche
In the mid 1990s, the top 10 requests received nationally by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for industry information, and entrepreneurial guides included the bed and breakfast business.

And today the success of related concepts such as Airbnb and bnbfinder show a continued interest in niche lodging. Owning a B&B is perhaps a quintessential home-based business model.

But while some aspiring entrepreneurs fall in love with the idea of owning a Norman Rockwell like lodge nestled near a babbling brook with fragrant greenery, remarkable sunsets and songbirds, a few simple steps to save a lot of time and much money is often overlooked.

I downloaded a sample business plan, which seemed short on detail, and found another site for a checklist for B&B start-ups created by the founder of B&B Finder.
And I noticed an incredible array of duties and administrative tasks. Details that would give many second thoughts and damper on a romantic or idealistic vision.

Many would-be innkeepers forego simple steps that might keep them from making a costly mistake. Still… breathtaking locations and lodgings beckon and entice and it’s easy to see how some aspiring entrepreneurs may be swept into unrealistic expectations.

Takeaway Lessons: Work for a B&B or pay an established successful operator to have you live and on site to learn firsthand what is required daily as an owner operator of a B&B inn.

Check out New York State SBDC librarian Roger Green’s recent post about his trip to Cherry Hill, and a famous B & B Limestone Inn in upstate New York.Green weaves compelling personal narrative and offers an insightful glimpse at some of the challenges involved in running the B and B.

Another avenue to explore is that of temporary Inn keepin, which is a niche within the industry based on the concept of providing B and B owners with  stand-in help when owners want to getaway on vacation.


BnB Bed and Breakfast for Sale

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