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If you believe food trucks are a hot new trend, you should know archaeologists recently uncovered an ancient ruin dating back to the dinosaur age. They dug up a mobile truck with stone wheels and menu offering brontosaurus burgers, tacos and shakes.

Okay, I’m still checking on all the facts behind that tall tale. However, food trucks aren’t new. Consider: The Source, a publication for the National Small Business Development Center Research Network, featured an article “Have business will travel: The Mobile Business Explosion” by Vivian Milczarski  (March 1995).

The article outlined advantages and disadvantages such as the need to work longer hours, and the substantial costs involved even though they are lower than having a retail storefront.

Here are two articles that give an inside look at some of the joys, trials and tribulations encountered by entrepreneurs entering this field.
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Should You Join The Food Truck Revolution?

Food Truck Rules & Issues in a Major Urban City


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