Tips & Websites for Aspiring Bloggers

Q. Could you provide more tips for newbie bloggers?
A.  1. There are many categories of writing. Find the style that fits your skills, aptitudes, ability and interest. For instance, there is a now famous playwright who tried to write and sell novels for years but publishers wouldn’t buy them. Then he tried writing plays, and he found success.

Take a look at the lengthy article from the Guardian. Some writers simply don’t have the skills set to handle effectively every category of communication.

2. College educator and author Mark Schaeffer has a great blog “Grow.”
Three links are referenced at the end of this post.

The play’s the thing … unless you’re a novelist Hensher. Phillip. (2006).
The Guardian. Why many brilliant fiction writers turn out bad plays, and many talented playwrights produce bad novels.








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