Turning a Hobby into a Business

The Nature Company, Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, & Famous Amos Cookies are a few examples of early startup companies that were inspired by leisure time activities.

Using a pastime as the basis of a business won’t work for everyone, but some budding entrepreneurs successfully turn their leisure time activities into profitable ventures.

Important questions to think about

What attracts you to your hobby?

Hobbies can be classified as activities motivated by a passion for collecting (antiques, coins, stamps, etc.) making something tangible (arts and crafts, photography, etc.) , performing an activity (playing games or a musical instrument, reading, singing, traveling, animal related, etc.) or learning.

 Is your hobby just for fun, or could the leisure activity become a chore if it’s turned into an everyday business activity?

Would you be able to work in your preferred setting? (i.e., at home with others, or in solitude, or in a commercial setting, or outdoors?)

Do you like selling? How many customers will you need to make enough money?

From Hobby to Career: Transforming Your Pastime into a Profession,
Occupational Outlook Quarterly, Fall 2001.



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