June 2013

5 Niche Books That Sparked New Business Ideas

Nature, Novels & Mythology Book The next time you browse through a business book be aware that the genre’ is not the only kind of information source that may hold answers if you are looking for new ideas. Potential entrepreneurs have used novels, even the Bible, for direction, inspiration and creative ideas of various kinds. […]

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Aptitude Lesson

Do you know who invented bubble gum for commercial use? The world’s most playful candy was invented by A. Teenage boy B. Candy store owner C. Unemployed Plumber D. Accountant Answer:  Accountant Takeaway Lesson Walter Diemer did not invent chewing gum, but perfected the process that created a profitable consumer product worldwide. Diemer had the […]

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Name Game Puzzle

              Why Your Project, Product or Service Needs the Right Name You know most, if not all of the popular things, products or companies on the list that follows. Mercifully, the original names on the list were changed. Can you guess their popularly known names now? 1. Atticus 2. […]

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