January 2018

Q & A: How Do I Figure Out My Interests?

Q: What resource might best help identify all my interests? A. Check out the Interest Assessment on the Virginia Education Wizard site. Larry Ferlazzo.edublogs.org gave it high marks on the cool scale. VA Wizard.org https://www.vawizard.org/wizard/students  Dee Adams is the author of Finding Your Niche: Discover…   Hits: 37

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Q & A Racial Profiling Lawsuit

Q & A: Racial Profiling Lawsuit

Q: Regarding the mom of five and the recent Walmart lawsuit, what news source does the best job of reporting on the issue? A: Reporting on the recent case in the news differs from the overall issue. Consider compiling and analyzing articles from different industry sources… Examples: News One cites incidents of prior racial profiling stories. […]

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Q&A: New Way to Market Cranberries?

    Q: After viewing the program about  cranberry growers, I wonder, is there a new way to market cranberries? A: An answer might be to create an original product or figure out new ways to package and distribute the existing product. Inspiration might come from interviews with members of the food or farming industry. […]

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Why A Talented Student Fled Robitics Class

  Pure misery. Onyii Brown’s reaction years ago after confronting the reality of her choice: robotic engineering. Tasked with the frustration of figuring out how to get the robot to move, a seemingly endless repetitive activity. Brown switched her degree objective. Although possessing the IQ for the field, Brown’s high-level imagination and independent nature was […]

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Gloria Estefan: Timeless Refrain for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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