9 TV Shows for Potential Entrepreneurs

Useful TV Takeaways on Entrepreneurship

The primary trick to learning from many of
the following TV reality programs for
aspiring entrepreneurs
involves noting the mistakes
of others and avoiding them…
easier said than done.

Restaurant Impossible
Americans spend more than $1 billion a day on dining out,
according to Robert Irvine, industry pro and host 
Restaurant Impossible.Restaurant openings may well be
the other national pastime
pastime since so many people
are attracted to restaurant ownership.
Some aspiring entrepreneurs thinking about buying a food
establishment may think twice. It’s an inside look at failing
restaurants and the real-world financial and
personal chaos that ensues.
Problems often stem from the failure of beginners to learn
basic management, accounting and marketing skills. However,
the show also points out how some owners despite extensive experience
in the industry can make poor business decisions and
ruin initially successful enterprises.
The restaurant industry has a high failure rate, 70 percent, says
Barbara Cochran in a recent episode of Beyond the Tank, but learning
the lessons from this program could help cut down on many of
the costly mistakes made by start-ups.
Kitchen Nightmares.
Another program that reportedly covers the details of owning
a restaurant is the U.K version of Kitchen Nightmares.
 Shark Tank & Canadian counterpart Dragon’s Den
An inside look at how to pitch business presentations successfully.
One important lesson that many contestants continue to ignore is the
importance of learning the numbers.

Charlie Rose 
A range of topics which include  entrepreneurs and big business.
Rose often makes a point to ask probing questions
about how skills and talents were uncovered and cultivated.

Tavis Smiley 
A diverse selection of interviews covers a wide range of
topics from socioeconomic issues, music, and politics.
From pop, rock, jazz, rap and hip-hop to Moby to opera
From contemporary to historical.

RoadTrip Nation PBS
Insightful interviews wit  creative and
entrepreneurial men and women.

The Profit a small business reality show featuring owners in
crisis because of poor skills, poor decisions,  and sometimes
personality and ego issues that derail the venture.But
saved at times by the Multi-billionaire,
Marcus Lemonis who buys into their
company and fixes the problems.

Beyond the Tank
What happens to Shark Tank contestants after
an appearance, whether or not they get a deal
is the focus of this show.

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