Aptitudes of Leonardo da Vinci

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 da Vinci Imagination

Device for Making Sequins
Device for
Making Sequins
Water Lifting Device
Water Lifting Device
Drawing of a Flying Machine
 Flying Machine
Crossbow Machine
Crossbow Machine

The chocolate chip cookie seems to be the only thing da Vinci didn’t invent while dreaming up ideas for everything from robots to flying machines using nature for inspiration.

The Renaissance painter was known for 12 different fields. For instance, many people are unaware that the painter of the Mona Lisa was a musician, too, and a sought after engineer.

More than 13,000 pages of da vinci’s journal notes and drawings point to an ability to visualize images in his mind, an innate aptitude called structural visualization, a term coined by researchers at the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation.

Among da vinci’s other aptitudes, he likely had Ideaphoria, which means he could create a rapid flow of ideas. And his aptitude was at so high a level he couldn’t focus on any one project for long. A circumstance that many people with high creative energy experience.

da vinci had a reputation for procrastination and not finishing projects.
Not attributes one wants if the goal is to start and grow a business.

There are many modern day da Vinci’s with an interest in business ownership. Understanding their own Ideaphoric nature is key to choosing the right venture.
Failure to do so will only cause restlessness and unfinished business.


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