Audio Content: What You May Not Know About The Benefits Of Audio

It’s no secret: 30 percent of the population learn by hearing. But those who learn by sight, movement, or reading and writing also benefit from using audio.

People remember only 10 percent of what they read but 20 percent of what they hear. And when print and audio are combined, people recall 50 percent!

You can make it easier for your audience to hear and act on your message if you add an audio element to articles, blog posts, digital and print books, and other materials.

Listen in:

Check out the audio above.

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Three ways you can use audio content

    1.   Capture more sales — Audio can improve recall of your articles, sales letters,  product descriptions, and more by boosting the number of people who will pay attention to your message.
    2.  Attract multicultural buyers — With the ever-increasing inflow of immigrants into the U.S., there is a great need for other educational materials that allow non-English-speaking people to absorb content. Audio + print has been shown to help many non-native speakers learn more quickly — especially to learn English, to hear and speak it.
    3. Help more students — Whether you read or listen to content, the same area of the brain is used, according to researchers in a UC Berkeley study published in the Journal of Neuroscience. So, when students lose months of reading progress, audio content might be one way to improve skills that boost reading scores — skills that include vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking. And students with learning disabilities can tackle more complex reading material.

      Are you too busy to create audio content?

      Audio is an important time-saving tool for business, education, and leisure applications.

      As a freelance reader and storyteller, Dee Adams has narrated more than 150 assignments on psychology and legal topics for graduate students at Alliant International University. Other clients have included teachers, college students, and nonprofit agencies who wanted audio for general books, textbook chapters, consumer handbooks, articles, blog posts, and more.

      Humorous content is one specialty.

      Clients speak well of Dee!

      “Dee Adams is a good reader who works fast and has met all deadlines at or ahead of schedule.”
      — Nina Ghiselli, Director of Disability Services, Alliant International University.

      “You did not sound as though you were reading. The tapes made my textbook interesting.”
      —  Sacramento college student.

      Update: Audio service bookings only for classes for Inspector Squirrel’s Multicultural Notebook

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