Seminole Entrepreneurs

Native Americans Buy Pop Culture Empire Doing business with people from around the world involves the study of their culture and customs, but it is a process which may be overlooked. For example, a lot of businesspeople may be unfamiliar with the communication style that characterizes many Native Americans in the business world. Humor*, short […]

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M.C. Hammer’s Business Formula for Success

The spectacular success of the hip-hop superstar in the 1990s, his loss of a massive fortune and his current activities in the entrepreneurial world seems baffling, even astonishing, to many people. M. C. Hammer is a frequent lecturer at Harvard, Oxford, Wharton, and Stanford on new social media. A successful entrepreneur and innovator in the high-tech […]

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Food Industry Gossip: America Invades British Shores

America Invades British Shores—That was the headline on ABC news in 2010. Well, an invasion of sorts. You see, Kraft Foods had just announced the purchase of England’s Cadbury chocolates and the British people yelled treason. Insider Secrets: Famous Food Products & What You Should Know If You are Considering Entering the Industry. If you’ve […]

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Finding Your Niche Article

California Job Journal feature article  about Finding Your Niche.  Hits: 247

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Untangling the Cell Phone Safety Debate

Tech Bite “…It’s hard to get mice and rats to make phone calls.” [For the purposes of scientific study…] Harvard lecturer Dr. Devra Davis presents a riveting presentation with safety tips for consumers about the confusion over fact versus fiction in the U.S. and overseas. The talk took place at Georgetown University September 23, 2010. […]

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Five Free Aptitude Tests

Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation The nonprofit organization adapted several career tests for O Magazine. The tests can be downloaded. Information on how to interpret answers is included. No outside supervision or props needed. Reference Test Your Career Strengths Hits: 129

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Dream Business

Inspiration Sleep Many people want to start their own home-based business or small company in order to achieve financial independence, but finding the right idea is often challenging. Some budding entrepreneurs solve the problem in their sleep. Thomas Edison is often mentioned as having dreamt up the solution for the light bulb, but his dream […]

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Responding to Blog Post Comments

Technical Glitch Finally Cleared Up A summary response to questions will appear periodically. *A follow-up post to professional career-changers is in the works for posting next month *Subscribing to the blog will be easier now that the widgets have been rearranged *If you’re looking for more information on the topic of food industry gossip in general, […]

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