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Q & A: Smith College and Race Issue

Q. If there was no evidence of bias in the Smith case concerning the student profiled while eating lunch, why won’t the incident fade away? A. The news story exposes major race and class issues at the elite institution and the simmering resentments between professors, workers,  staff, wealthy students, and students thought to be “out […]

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Suzie Brown: How A Heart Transplant Doctor Uses Music For Work Life Balance

Not since a contestant on Wheel of Fortune introduced himself as an RN and a pig farmer, have I heard of a more memorable way to combine innate abilities than that of the Tennessee cardiologist,  Dr. Suzie Brown.  Check out the 3-minute video on “CBS News This Morning” A More Perfect Union series. “There are […]

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Security Guards and Racial Bias: Pop Quiz

True or False? A  security guard in the Millennial age group is more likely to see racial issues differently than a security guard in the Boomer age group. The Answer: False “Pew Studies did a report that says aside from interracial relationships, Millennials see race pretty much the same as Boomers did … which means […]

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Why A Successful Home-Based Bike Repair Shop Was Shut Down By A California City

A neighbor’s complaint caused the city of Livermore, California, to close the home-based repair shop of a bike repairman, states the news report below. Although the repairman took out a business license before the garage start-up,  there is no mention of a zoning permit taken out beforehand in the news piece. And so this story […]

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Finding Your Niche 
Book Cover

The Niche Beat

Here are some of our articles and blog posts related to back-stories and inspiration when searching for the right niche. Food Industry Gossip: America Invades British Shores Food Industry Gossip: American Government Bans Canadian Bacon How an Immigrant Used His Heritage to Build a Billion-Dollar Empire Information Brokering a Recession-Proof Business Music Industry Prince: Beyond […]

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Racial Profiling and Social Justice in the Marketplace

Racial Profiling and Social Justice Blog

Mission: Provide insights to students; useful information that may be valuable in their lives. For students, independent learners, parents, and youth educators with an interest in supplemental lessons for ethnic studies and social justice topics. As a former plaintiff in a six-figure profiling case, Dee Adams writes about often overlooked issues regarding racial profiling in […]

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Racial Profiling and Social Justice in the Marketplace

Racial Profiling & Social Justice in the Marketplace: Update

The supplemental ethnic studies book Racial Profiling & Social Justice in the Marketplace: An Inside Look…  will be available soon.* The updated content is formerly titled Shopping & Racial Profiling. PDF ISBN: 978-1-7365342-1-2 Kindle  978-1-7365342-0-5 The supplement includes more than 30 new annotated links. And a free excerpt will be uploaded too. *Please note redesigning […]

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Wishing You A Healthy & Happy New Year In 2021

We wish you a healthy and happy new year! Do something great! Hits: 82

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A Holiday Wish for 2020

We wish you happy holidays for 2020! Hits: 33

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Gratitude & Reflection: Thanksgiving 2020

Be thankful this year. Reflect on all the wonderful things, ideas, people, and places you have known this year. Hits: 69

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