Gratitude Through the Eyes of a 12-Year-Old

This a heartwarming and tearful reminder about the importance of gratitude from a formerly homeless 12-year-old boy from Sierra Leone. Abraham, who with his blood brother were adopted lives with his new family in the US. Abraham experienced his first ever birthday cake, a concept which he was not familiar and offers an original point […]

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Nursey School Table with paint jars and wooden alphabet letters

Little Girl’s Funny Reaction to Her First Day at Day Care

If the eyes are windows to the soul, the adorable toddler featured in a recent viral ABC7 Twitter video is reacting in silence with a clear message. Get me out of here! I suspect the reason the video went viral is not only the humor but many, many viewers regardless of age can relate. Shouldn’t […]

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Fing Your Niche Personalized Journal

Finding Your Niche Book Download

Finding Your Niche: Discover a Profitable Idea for a Business at Home – or Elsewhere is now available in EPUB format from independent booksellers, Kobe, and Ingram. Selected seller links are included below. Sources ISBN 978-1-7365342-6-7 Book brochure and bonus download see para.3, and para. 11: Finding Your Niche eBook | Finding Your […]

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Medical Kit Hanging on a Wall

Stupid Medical Opinions and the Harm They Cause

Samuel A. Cartwright, a renowned Southern physician, created the medical terms Drapetomania and Dysaesthesia Aethiopica in the 1850s. Dr. Cartwright’s findings were published in medical journals. According to the New York Times, the good doctor’s conclusions were accepted by some legal authorities, such as the Louisiana courts and their civil code. And the term Drapetomania […]

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Inspector Squirrel's Medical Notebook

Inspector Squirrel’s Multicultural Medical Notebook

Women and people of color often face bias and racism when seeking medical care. And even celebrities are not protected. According to Dayna Bowen Matthew JD, Ph.D. author of Just Medicine, more than 83,000 people of color lose their lives annually because of implicit basis and unintentional racism while seeking health care. Factor in statistics […]

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Did Santana and Immigration Law Block Harry Belafonte’s Success?

Singer, activist, and actor Harry Belafonte introduced Kennedy Center honoree 2013, Carlos Santana, and revealed an insightful musical history of how the iconic rock guitarist evolved his niche from childhood. But not before explaining how Carlos Santana blocked Belafonte’s musical success. Hits: 102

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Were Runaway Slaves Merely Taking Time off from Chores?

While attending a degree program connected to a well-known California university in the mid-1990s, I opened the assigned history textbook one evening in class, flipped the pages to the week’s history chapter, and began reading the following paragraph. “Occasionally, slaves from South Carolina tried to reach Spanish Florida, but most slave runaways merely wanted to […]

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Finding Your Niche: Book Brochure

Download the brochure by clicking the link below. Finding Your Niche Brochure 6×9 October 2022 Hits: 97

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Marvel Super Hero Humor

Behind the scenes of Marvel’s superhero productions to Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk brings a smile, including a laugh-out-loud reaction to a  stop command and a sneeze. Source Ramblin with Roger: a librarian’s life deconstructed: Hits: 67

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Two musicians outdoors practice their skills

Phil Collins and Phillip Baily: Making a Video Behind the Scenes

Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind and Fire and Phil Collins of Genesis show the challenges in their “Easy Lover”  “video within a video, within a video,” while creating their 1980s production. But as they practice singing and their choreography and search for show clothing, some may initially wonder how the men created this crossover hit, […]

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