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Pavarotti’s Diverse and Amazing Fan Base: From Babies to Hip Hop

Luciano Pavarotti, a former elementary school teacher, became an internationally known opera singer. You don’t have to like opera to appreciate Pavarotti’s fabulous talent. And his venture later into popular music was niche genius. Considered the best in opera history, the sound of Pavarotti’s voice could hold the attention of a baby. Three memorable clips […]

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Overhead view of green, red, white, and yellow vegetables.

Famous City Uses Funny Bedtime Horror Story As A Sales Tool

A clever ad campaign by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority resonates with many viewers. It started seven months ago.  The ad based on a cookbook, is directed at parents and explains how to escape to their city for alone time. But one does not have to be a parent with small children or […]

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A Funny Family Lesson About Alone Time

A video from the Tameron Hall show earlier this year must rank as a top contender for a chuckling out loud moment. The video first posted two years ago, went viral with more than 10 million views. It’s a revealing look at understanding one’s personality likes and dislikes at an early age.  Vital information many others […]

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Black History Month and Social Studies: A Different Path

As February comes to an end, an article written last year by Joel A Johnson’s One-Track Mind Storytelling comes to mind. He stressed the need to look for uplifting stories rather than repeating the narratives about often-heard heroes, and depressing subject matter; year after year…after year. 60 Minutes aired a story segment recently about a […]

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The Nicholas Brothers Danced like Superheroes to Jumpin Jive

If superheroes danced, they might use the moves performed by the late Fayard and Harold Nicholas in the 1940s film Stormy Weather. Today, some believe Computer Generated Imagery may be the only way to duplicate their filmed dance sequences. Many people including, Fred Astaire, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Gregory Hines were fans. According to Fred Astaire, the […]

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2 Teachers React to 70s Hit Song with an Odd Title

Husband and wife coach and teachers, Jay and Amber Robinson of the Rob Squad YouTube channel responded to a suggestion from their diverse subscriber base to react to a video by KC and the Sunshine Band from the 1970s. So, early one morning they listened to a song they had never heard before; music, 2.5 […]

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Holiday Wishes from Niche Creativity

             Peace and Good Cheer Hits: 117

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Gratitude Through the Eyes of a 12-Year-Old

This a heartwarming and tearful reminder about the importance of gratitude from a formerly homeless 12-year-old boy from Sierra Leone. Abraham, who with his blood brother were adopted lives with his new family in the US. Abraham experienced his first ever birthday cake, a concept which he was not familiar and offers an original point […]

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Nursey School Table with paint jars and wooden alphabet letters

Little Girl Reacts to Day Care: A Lesson for Providers

Updated June 22, 2023 If the eyes are windows to the soul, the adorable toddler featured in a recent viral ABC7 Twitter video is reacting in silence with a clear message. Get me out of here! I suspect the reason the video went viral is not only the humor but many, many viewers regardless of […]

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Fing Your Niche Personalized Journal

Finding Your Niche Book Download

Finding Your Niche: Discover a Profitable Idea for a Business at Home – or Elsewhere is now available in EPUB format from independent booksellers, Kobe, and Ingram. Selected seller links are included below. Sources Kobo.com https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/finding-your-niche-3 ISBN 978-1-7365342-6-7 Book brochure and bonus download see para.3, and para. 11: Finding Your Niche eBook | Finding Your […]

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