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Here are some of our articles and blog posts related to back-stories and inspiration when searching for the right niche. Food Industry Gossip: America Invades British Shores Food Industry Gossip: American Government Bans Canadian Bacon How an Immigrant Used His Heritage to Build a Billion-Dollar Empire Information Brokering a Recession-Proof Business Music Industry Prince: Beyond […]

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What Students of Any Age Can Learn From A Three Year Old

What Students of Any Age Can Learn From a 3-Year-Old

In the too-cute inspirational department: This story about 3-year old Ayaan appeared this week on ABC World News… Dee Adams is the author of the fact-gathering guide for aspiring entrepreneurs, Finding Your Niche: Discover a Profitable Idea for a Business at Home—Or Elsewhere Hits: 1368

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Q & A: Tips for Aspiring Comedy Writer

Q: What advice would you give someone wanting to write humor for a business industry? A: Find a mentor. Identify which genre of writing you excel in and most enjoy. Example: speeches, ad campaigns, etc. Identify how your skill will help the selected target market And be aware of work-related pitfalls and how to avoid them when using […]

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Q & A: Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs

  .Q:  What resource would you recommend for teaching beginners about money matters in business? A: The answer would depend on several factors. There is no one size fits all resource. But here is a link for a C-Span Video The Reckoning, by an author and professor of the history of accounting. Now if your eyes just glazed […]

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Finding Your Niche Bookmark: Front, Back, Multi-Use Notepad

   Actual size       4 x 9 Back in 2011, this bookmark was printed for an earlier edition of Finding Your Niche: Discover… Hits: 163

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Finding Your Niche 2017 Now Available

The 2017 edition of Finding Your Niche: Discover… is officially available on Feb. 4. p.m.PST for bookstore distribution in paperback. While the new EPUB edition may be ordered February 24. An excerpt from the introduction of Finding Your Niche has become a popular pin recently on Pinterest Brochure Free Book Brochure Hits: 151

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Book Update: Finding Your Niche 2017

  New book brochure available for download Free Book Brochure Excerpt This updated edition contains more than fifty revisions. New links for educational content are sprinkled throughout chapters. You’ll find an article reprint on work-life balance and time management issues. And fifteen book titles have been added with an asterisk to the bibliography.  A children’s book, […]

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Tech Update Completed!

Tech issues with four laptop upgrades from OS Windows XP since March have been resolved as of today. September will be spent catching up on book revisions for Finding Your Niche… Meanwhile, starting next week, links to popular archive posts will appear. Hits: 143

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Update: Blog and Book Revision

Murphy’s Law and Gravity Since May 9, I have been on restricted physical activity after trip and fall involving a heavy package and my two left feet. .. So the newly revised edition of MusicBiz Notes will be uploaded in June. And Finding Your Niche 2016 has been rescheduled for September.  New blog content will be […]

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Update: When New Blog Posts Will Resume…

On May 26, new content will appear on this blog. This break will allow for completion of the Finding Your Niche book  revision for 2016. This decision was reached yesterday after tech support admitted that they too were in the midst of a tech glitch and could not step in to troubleshoot until their tools were […]

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