How Do You Value Your Time?

Updated: Quiz with Valuable Insights


Where Did The Time Go?
Thought provoking and valuable checklist of 55 questions and

observations about time… and the lack thereof.

It’s a poster in a checklist format by award-winning author,
Frank Sonnenberg, considered
a thought leader in the corporate and small business world.


Takeaway: Use your answers to Where Did The Time Go?
to spot problem areas and identify ways to improve.
Consider making

your own checklist
poster, based on you answers…
Experts Suggest
3 Insightful Resources about Time…
And note that residents in states across the U.S.
have different perceptions.

How Different Cultures Understand Time

German versus Mexican Culture: viewpoints on time.

Time Perception Among Navajo American Indians
and Its Relation to Academic Success

Dee Adams is the author
of Finding Your Niche: Discover…


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