Insight on the Internet: 2 Finds for September 2019

Avoiding costly copyright mistakes when using images or lyrics are just two of the issues covered by author and veteran business attorney Helen Sedwick on her highly informative blog. You can find two PDFs that include a useful checklist of resources available for download:

How to Use Memorable Lyrics Without Paying a Fortune or a Lawyer  
How to Use Eye-Catching Images Without Paying a Fortune or a Lawyer

Copyright continues to be a confusing issue for many people;
no small wonder when one reads through some of the dos and don’ts listed by Sedwick; whether one uses a free resource
or pays for rights from trusted a trusted source.

Note: Sedwick’s path to law school was inspired, in part,  by what she witnessed during her youth:  both of her artistic parents repeatedly mistreated financially in Hollywood.  And she authored The Self-Publishers’ Legal Handbook: The Step-by-Step Guide to the Legal Issues of Self-Publishing. 

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Professor Jane Friedman’s blog explains the creative, business, and marketing elements of writing and publishing. For instance, a post found on her blog featuring an example of a Profit and Loss statement used in the publishing industry to determine the viability of a potential book was a pain-free read…

How writers, storytellers, and publishers can successfully adapt their skills, despite the digital age, is an issue of interest to the professor.

That this blog is an award winner is no surprise given the wide range of ad-free insider information.

Can you name one or two thought leaders in the field you would like to enter?
If so, what changes do they foresee for the field in the coming years?  


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