Justin Forsett: Startup Lessons From A Former NFL Football Player

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Justin Forsett had a powerful motivation for choosing to become an entrepreneur, but as most beginners do, he made some early missteps.

The first was major:  Forsett chose a name for his hygiene product invention based on an inside joke with athletes. And no joke, the name—Shower Pill—likely gave other potential customers, non-athletes, pause.

Forsett’s second mistake was to appear on Shark Tank a few years ago, unable to answer the shark’s questions about his financials. So, he and his partners did not get a deal.

But today, Forsett’s company is a success. Unlike many beginners, he didn’t let ego stand in the way of admitting his mistakes and changing his strategy.

“I saw the statistics: 80% of players two years out after they retire are either bankrupted, divorced, or depressed. I didn’t want to be in that statistic.”  — Justin Forsett


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ShowerPill fumble on ‘Shark Tank’ a lesson for Justin Forsett. ESPN, Jamison Hensley, Jan. 29, 2018.


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