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Two insightful favorite articles include points not usually
mentioned elsewhere. Check out the bonus section in the updated Moz article
The author, an industry guru admits that his wife created an award-winning blog…
without using any of his tech tips. I was relieved and amused to come across this information because while some of SEO makes sense, overall, I find the concept confusing.


Unless there’s a tap-dancing parrot wearing a red bandana
involved in the copy, I just don’t see the benefit, especially with
the tremendous amount off online competition.

Some of my blog posts have landed on the prized first page of Google search results.
For instance, Best Cities for Self-Employment Q & A but alter
the search term slightly and the position is erased. Baffling

Bonus Article
SEO Skills That Will Make
Employers Love You

Dee Adams is the author of Finding Your Niche:Discover…

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