Tech & Internet Trends 2014 and 2017

Tech & Internet Trend 2014 and 2017

Venture Capitalist Insight…
Internet Trends 2014, Code Conference,
by Mary Meeker,
 May 28.
Meeker, a venture capitalist and the BFF of
Bill Gates, according to an industry insider,
offers an annual graphic report of the rapidly
changing landscape and the impact on daily life.

Jam-packed with colorful graphs and photos,
it’s a fast-paced visual read covering an array
of subjects from social media to social media
TV viewing, health, money, education  cyber
security, immigration, public companies,
Smartphones, laptops and more.

Key Internet Trends
Selected Highlights

  • Education/Online education, pgs. 24-28
  • Re-Imaging Apps: Some are disappearing, pg 39
  • Re-Imaging Content, pg.45
  • Re-Imaging daily activities, pg 46
  • Challenging Non Cloud Business models, pg. 76
    Immigration in America: The Shortage of High skilled Workers
    Note: A 190-pg pdf by Meeker’s company
     For 2017
    Internet Trends and Stats

    Takeaway lesson

    Although a recent critique of the report on Harvard Business contained countless valid points, it should be noted that no one report should ever be used as the sole source of information when researching an industry.

Internet Trends 2014, Code Conference, by Mary Meeker, pg. 163.

Harvard Business
Summary: It’ time to re-imagine Meeker’s report


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