Multicultural group at restaurant table

How to Write About Awful Food Service

The cover below is the forthcoming multi-purpose 96-page, 6×9 guide referenced in the previous post for angry patrons and aspiring food service writers. The book’s content will include instructions on using the notebook, an appendix of interesting resources and articles, and pages with a checklist of 30 questions that will help the reader focus on […]

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Image of Disney's Jungle movie poster

Disney’s Jungle Cruise: Business Contract Gag

In Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie, when Dr. Lily Houghton, played by Emily Blunt, hires riverboat skipper Frank Wolff,  played by Dwayne the Rock Johnson, to guide her and her brother down the Amazon river, Houghton finds an odd clause in the skippers’ contract: ”Why are you charging us less if we survive but more if […]

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Book cover titled the killer wore cranberry

Mystery and Comedy Writing

Combining mystery writing with comedy writing is an unusual niche, but award-winning writer, Steve Shrott, pulls it off. Shrott also produces a series of Thanksgiving holiday anthologies. The sixth edition is pictured below.   Source   Hits: 162

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Table set with plates, knives, forks, and napkins minus food

Thanksgiving Turkey Humor

A clever turkey plots Thanksgiving dinner as the holiday approaches. Source: Hits: 127

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Golden Retriver holds long-stem flower in mouth

Dog’s Treat

A dog’s take on Trick or Treat went viral.  And it’s funny year-round.  Source: Gayle King, CBS This Morning Talk of the Table.   Hits: 141

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Hamburger artistically displayed vertically in midair

Restaurant Discrimination or Bad Service: The Difference

Regardless of race, color, or creed, restaurant diners experience lousy service.  Poor customer service is defined, in part, as unmet customer expectations. Or what the customer expected was not received. When a diner believes bad service is discriminatory, other people may disagree. Terrible customer service may only indicate an establishment’s chaotic business management. How patrons […]

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Dog with one ear cocked is wearing sunglasses

Dog Humor

Cartoon humor highlights a dog determined to be an entrepreneur but whose choice of office space greatly irritates a neighbor.  Wonder what kind of business it is? Source: Pinterest. com Hits: 87

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Cat peeking out from sofa blanket

Crazy Cat Ladies Shoe

This stylish cat shoe is a combination of design skills, an interest in cats, and humor. What other funny cat or dog shoe designs could one create using the shoe for inspiration? Source: Hits: 91

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Robot with exposed wiring seated at computer

Q & A: Is A.I. Technology a Solution for Racial Profiling?

Q: Do you believe replacing humans with artificial intelligence will improve the constant racial profiling of people of color in the consumer marketplace? A: Overall, don’t count on it. Artificial intelligence (or A.I.) has not solved the long-standing issue, so far. The primary developers of A.I. are engineers and computer scientists from Ivy League schools. […]

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Determined infant uses laptop

Reuben Paul: Cyber Security Expert

In 2018, Reuben Paul and his younger brother traveled to security conferences around the world and earned thousands of dollars in speaker’s fees because of Paul’s skill at hacking into everyday technology products. “It is important that we reinvent cybersecurity because obviously what we have invented is clearly not working. If a 12 -year -old […]

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