Two musicians outdoors practice their skills

Phil Collins and Phillip Baily: Making a Video Behind the Scenes

Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind and Fire and Phil Collins of Genesis show the challenges in their “Easy Lover”  “video within a video, within a video,” while creating their 1980s production. But as they practice singing and their choreography and search for show clothing, some may initially wonder how the men created this crossover hit, […]

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Orange and silver harmonica

When Stevie Wonder Surprised a Fan

In 2004, Jake Simpson was the Star Search champion. He won in part by performing several songs by his idol,  Stevie Wonder. Who would be your surprise celebrity? Why? Refer to Jake Simpson’s list of reasons stated in the video. Years later, Stevie Wonder paid a surprise visit to another fan, Ahsan Watts, while Watts […]

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Picture of open laptop on table

Niche Creativity: Books and Blog Update

Racial Profiling & Social Justice in the Marketplace has been approved and is now active to buy from your favorite independent bookseller, Kobe, or Ingram in ePub or print. And so are the three titles below. Selected links are below. Racial Profiling Book on Kobo: Racial Profiling Book on Barnes & Noble: Racial […]

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Colorful Ethnic Studies Freebie

Ethnic Studies Freebie

A ten-page sample of Racial Profiling & Social Justice in the Marketplace is now available for free downloads. Download the freebie from this secure blog by clicking on this link: Hits: 157

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Latop with meeting pictured

Remote meetings: Please Stop Using These Phrases!

Not since a lawyer had to explain to a judge during a remote courtroom session, “I am not a cat,” during rampant remote tech glitches in 2020, have I come across another funny tech piece. But here’s an article from Harvard Business Review by Rae Ringle that underscores the importance of thinking before speaking and […]

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Two santas climbing into a building's windows

Santa Claus Humor

A comic illustration of the importance of money management and self-employment. Source: Pinterest Hits: 136

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Multicultural group at restaurant table

How to Write About Awful Food Service

Now available. And a recent article on an odd profiling incident in wine country and a common-sense solution is referenced with a link to Medium at the end of this post. The cover below is the multi-purpose 96-page, 6×9 guide referenced in the previous post for angry patrons and aspiring food service writers. The book’s […]

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Image of Disney's Jungle movie poster

Disney’s Jungle Cruise: Business Contract Gag

In Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie, when Dr. Lily Houghton, played by Emily Blunt, hires riverboat skipper Frank Wolff,  played by Dwayne the Rock Johnson, to guide her and her brother down the Amazon river, Houghton finds an odd clause in the skippers’ contract: ”Why are you charging us less if we survive but more if […]

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Book cover titled the killer wore cranberry

Mystery and Comedy Writing

Combining mystery writing with comedy writing is an unusual niche, but award-winning writer, Steve Shrott, pulls it off. Shrott also produces a series of Thanksgiving holiday anthologies. The sixth edition is pictured below.   Source   Hits: 172

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Table set with plates, knives, forks, and napkins minus food

Thanksgiving Turkey Humor

A clever turkey plots Thanksgiving dinner as the holiday approaches. Source: Hits: 145

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